Proportional Brushing with Tableau

I have a confession to make. I’m in love with another software package other than Tableau. It’s called JMP. I’ve used JMP for about the last 7 years or so, and I fell in love pretty quickly with its Graph Builder and Distribution capabilities.

One of their core principles is that every stat has a graph and every graph has a stat. Building complex models, such as neural nets or forest models, is also quick and easy. As of JMP 14, they also added a way to export your models to SQL, which is pretty awesome. Anyway, I digress.

In JMP, the main example data source is called Big Class. In the Tableau world, Big Class is the Superstore dataset. It’s pretty much what everyone starts out with. So instead of using Superstore, I’m going to bring JMP and Big Class into Tableau. Here’s an export of Big Class for you to look at. Big Class

Like I said, in JMP you can do distributions pretty quickly, and even export them out to interactive HTML, (pretty cool stuff.)

So how do you do this in Tableau? It was pretty much impossible. Now with set actions, it is very possible. Here’s a walkthrough of how to create a similar viz.

1.) Create 4 sheets, one for each. For age, create a bar chart, and for age, height, and weight, create a histogram from the Show Me Pane. For each of the histograms, they should create bins as dimensions.

2.) Drag them all onto a dashboard, and distribute evenly.

You should end up with something like this.


3.) Go back to your Gender sheet (or any other sheet). Create a set on gender (sex). Then add it to the color mark on each of your sheets.

4.) On your Dashboard, add a set action under Dashboard, Actions, change set values. Click on Select under (“Run action on”), choose Gender Set, and click on Add all values to set. (Screenshot below).


5.) Now going back to your dashboard you see the following behavior. (3)

That’s it!

Here’s the link to workbook on Tableau Public




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